Wellness Webinars

Student Loan Forgiveness - Multiple Dates

The Good News:  If you are enrolled correctly in the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF), then you get credit toward forgiveness for every month you pay $0 during the Covid forbearance period.  

The Bad News:  Statistics tell us only 2% of people are properly enrolled.  Don't miss this opportunity to properly enroll now!

Join one of the following webinars to find out how much loan forgiveness you qualify for, if you are enrolled correctly, what you can do about it, and more:

  • When (Multiple Upcoming Sessions):
    • September:
      • Tuesday, 9/14 from 12-1 PM
      • Wednesday, 9/15 from 7-8 PM
      • Thursday, 9/16 from 1-2 PM
    • October:
      • Tuesday, 10/5 from 12-1 PM
      • Wednesday, 10/6 from 7-8 PM
      • Thursday, 10/7 from 1-2 PM
    • November:
      • Tuesday, 11/9 from 12-1 PM
      • Wednesday, 11/10 from 7-8 PM
      • Thursday, 11/11 from 1-2 PM
  • Where: On your computer - registrants will get an e-mail link to join the meeting online
  • Click here to register!

For more information or questions, visit www.apollogroupSLF.com or call 610-660-4417.

Better Sleep for Parents and Kids - Tuesday, August 17, 12:00pm

Presented by Carebridge. This presentation will focus on the sleep needs of parents and kids.  In the American epidemic of insufficient sleep, children are suffering the most. Kids between birth and fifth grade are sleeping from one and one half to two hours less sleep per night than recommended.  This information arms parents to improve their own and their children's sleep.  This hands-on presentation will help you to understand sleep needs for all ages and improve family sleep across the board.  Attendees will learn the actual recommended amounts of sleep for children of various ages from birth to teenage years and further on into adulthood.  A guided relaxation exercise teaches techniques for initiating sleep and returning to sleep.

Stress Check-In: Having New School Year Jitters? Strategies to Manage Parental Uncertainties - Friday, August 20, 10:00am

Presented by Carebridge. The upcoming school year, once again, greets parents and guardians with continued uncertainties due to the pandemic.  If anything, the pandemic has reinforced that parenthood is filled with opportunities to worry.  During this stress check-in, parents and guardians will learn to better tolerate, even embrace, the inevitable uncertainty of parenthood.

Join the Discussion: Forming New Habits for Organizing Your Work and Personal Life - Thursday, August 26, 2:30pm

Presented by Carebridge. Whether you are returning to the workplace, continuing to work remotely, or doing a hybrid, now is the opportunity to recalibrate your priorities and to form new habits for organizing your home, work, and personal life. Participants will be challenged to slowly and steadily introduce habits to help organize their lives.

Coping with Worry and Anxiety (pre-recorded webinar)

Click here to watch this pre-recorded webinar.  Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, yet some people spend their time thinking about "what ifs" and worst-case scenarios.  Chronic worry can sap a person's emotional energy and expressed verbally, anxiety includes inner thoughts and mental imagery.  This seminar will help attendees recognize anxiety as a mental health condition and learn strategies, such as mindfulness, for overcoming chronic, negative thoughts and habits.  Helpful resources will also be provided.

Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout (pre-recorded webinar)

Click here to watch this pre-recorded webinar.  Are you burned out and how do you know for sure?  Participants will learn the many phases of burnout starting with how to recognize patterns, identify stressors, gauge how you feel and evaluate needs and wants.  Learn how to get back on track in proactive ways, learn to invest in worry appropriately and create a positive plan going forward.