Wellness Webinars

Grief and Loss: When Will I Feel Better - Tuesday, October 27, 2:00 PM

Presented by Carebridge.  The pain of loss can be overwhelming and sometimes seem like it is never going to lessen.  Whatever the cause of your grief, this session can help you to learn healthy ways to cope with pain and ease sadness.  Participants are encouraged to anonymously ask questions and share suggestions for healing.

Coping with Worry and Anxiety - Wednesday, October 28, 12-1 PM

Presented by Carebridge.  Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, yet some people spend their time thinking about "what ifs" and worst-case scenarios.  Chronic worry can sap a person's emotional energy and expressed verbally, anxiety includes inner thoughts and mental imagery.  This seminar will help attendees recognize anxiety as a mental health condition and learn strategies, such as mindfulness, for overcoming chronic, negative thoughts and habits.  Helpful resources will also be provided.

Student Loan Forgiveness - Multiple Sessions Offered

Got debt?  You are not alone... the average healthcare worker graduates with student loans; anywhere from $40,000 to $400,000.  Many of you have "parent plus" loans for your children, as well.

The Good News: For employees of a non-profit hospital, like Einstein, the Federal Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program can provide relief.

The Bad News: It's not that easy... The Department of Education reports that just under 2% of applicants for forgiveness are approved.  Why?  The program has tricky payment and paperwork requirements.

The Great News: As part of your 2020 Benefits package, Einstein has teamed up with the specially trained and credentialed team from Equitable Advisors Apollo Group to provide strategy and to help you navigate the Program requirements so that you can maximize your loan forgiveness opportunity on a confidential one-on-one basis

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  • Multiple sessions being offered:
    • Tuesday, November 10 - 1:00 PM
    • Wednesday, November 11 - 7:00 PM
    • Thursday, November 12 - 12:00 PM
  • For more information or questions, visit www.appollogroupSLF.com or call 610-660-4417

Healthy Spins on Classic Holiday Recipes & What to do With Leftovers - Thursday, November 19, 12-1PM

Presented by Einstein's Registered Dietitian, Megan Carrier.  Interested in healthy spins on holiday classics?  Not sure what to do with all of those leftovers after a big meal?  Join this webinar to find out!

  • E-mail CarrierM@einstein.edu to sign-up and get the Zoom link!

Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout

Click here to watch this pre-recorded webinar.  Are you burned out and how do you know for sure?  Participants will learn the many phases of burnout starting with how to recognize patterns, identify stressors, gauge how you feel and evaluate needs and wants.  Learn how to get back on track in proactive ways, learn to invest in worry appropriately and create a positive plan going forward.