Take the Stairs

After employee responses on health risk assessments revealed room for improvement in meeting physical activity guidelines and reducing sedentary behaviors, the Benefits and Wellness staff decided to look into proven physical activity interventions in the workplace.  "Take the Stairs... if you are able" prompts help Einstein to encourage stairwell use for staff while freeing up elevators for patients and guest who need them.

Having more employees stair climb means more employees are steadily improving their health within a minimal amount of time, without interfering with work, and without involving any special equipment.  The Benefits and Wellness team is working closely with facilities leadership to look into making stairwells more visible, accessible, and attractive.


"I was definitely taking the stairs - the sign in the parking garages are really helpful.  It says "burn calories." Hey, I want to burn calories.  I also saw on the signs "if you are able."  I am able - why am I not taking the stairs?  When I park on the seventh floor and I see someone get in the elevator, I would take the stairs and time it to see the time difference.  I am usually just half a flight behind them."
-Tara Bevino, Health Educator, A Better Start