Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus

On April 7th, 2014, Einstein Became a Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus

Below are helpful links for information about our tobacco and smoke free campus:

Frequently Asked Questions
Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus Maps
Tobacco and Smoke Free Scripts

Tips on how to communicate Einstein is Tobacco and Smoke Free:

  • Greet the employee/patient/visitor in a friendly way:
    • "Hi, I'm not sure if you're aware (or I just wanted to remind you) but this is a tobacco and smoke-free campus.  For health reasons, we don't allow the use of tobacco anywhere on our property, inside or out.  May I ask you to extinguish your cigarette/pipe/cigar and dispose of it/put it away?  Thank you!"
  • If the person seems angry or agitated and upset, try empathy:
    • "I know this is hard, AND (not BUT) we're really concerned about the health of everyone who comes to this campus.  We really appreciate your cooperation."
  • If empathy doesn't work, and you feel the situation escalating, say nothing more.  Get your manager or Protective Services to help out.  You can contact Protective Services at the following numbers per campus.  Your safety is important to us, if you feel you are in a dangerous situation, walk away.
    • Protective Services Phone Numbers:
      • 215-456-6918 (EMCP, EMC-EP, MossRehab at Elkins Park, Front & Olney)
      • 484-622-0841 (EMCM)
      • Center One and all Einstein-owned or leased outpatient and practice locations should contact security at their locations

If you make the decision to quit smoking, get help!  Here are some resources that can help you: