Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns are presented by Megan Carrier (MS, RD, LDN, CCIT) who specializes in weight management, metabolic disease, and auto-immune diseases with an integrative nutrition approach.

To sign-up for any of the below Lunch & Learns, please e-mail Megan at

Each session is held between 12:00-1:00pm.

    April Theme: Stress and Emotional Eating

    April is Stress Awareness Month!  Do you find yourself mindlessly eating when you're stressed?  If you've ever polished off a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream during a stressful situation, this lunch and learn might be right for you.  Sign-up and you'll be armed with knowledge on how to handle these tough situations, and you'll also receive tips on how to lighten up your favorite comfort foods.  Sessions are being held:

    • EMCP - Wednesday, April 3rd, Sonia's Room (Braemer Building)
    • EMCM - Thursday, April 18th, Administrative Classroom, Modular Building
    • Elkins Park - Thursday, April 25th, G2 Conference Room
    May Theme: Healthy Eating Tips for People with High Blood Pressure

    May is High Blood Pressure Awareness Month!  Maybe you have been managing it for a while, or perhaps you recently found out you were diagnosed with high blood pressure - either way, this lunch and learn is for you!  Sign-up and receive tips on what to look for on nutrition labels, foods that secretly contain a ton of salt, and more!  Sessions are being held:

    • Elkins Park - Thursday, May 2nd, G2 Conference Room
    • EMCP - Wednesday, May 8th, Sonia's Room (Braemer Building)
    • EMCM - Thursday, May 9th, Administrative Classroom, Modular Building
    June Theme: Summer Series - Surviving the Summer BBQ Season

    Summer is officially here and the BBQs are a plenty!  In this session, learn tips and tricks for surviving the BBQ season, recipes for healthy cookouts, and more!

    • EMCP - Wednesday, June 19th, Fox Room (Braemer Building)
    • EMCM - Thursday, June 20th, Administrative Classroom, Modular Building
    • Elkins Park - Thursday, June 27th, G2 Conference Room

    Please note: all Lunch & Learns are BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch)!