Vending Machines

Einstein Vending Before and After:

Choosing Healthier is Now Easier!

As a leader in healthcare, Einstein is committed to creating an environment where it is easier for our employees, volunteers, visitors, and patients to make healthier choices.  Our Benefits and Wellness team worked with our vendor, RDS, to roll out changes in our vending machines that increase access to healthier options.  These changes were made network-wide in 2016.

Snack Machines:

To give employees and visitors healthier choices when they want a snack, we:

  • Reduced the number of high calorie snack food and added 12 healthier snacks
  • Added the LiveWell logo to all spirals pushing out healthier snacks
Beverage Machines:

A growing amount of research has proven that drinking soda and other sugary beverages increases your risk for multiple chronic diseases.  Einstein began taking steps to encourage employees to rethink what they drink!  Here are the more recent changes made to the beverage machines:

  • Water at eye level, the spot that gets the most attention
  • More healthy beverages available, including seltzer bottles that have been added
  • Only water is advertised on machines
  • Water and seltzer are cheaper than any other beverages in the machine (this is also true in the cafeteria!)
  • A chart is posted on all machines listing the teaspoons of sugar and the number of minutes needed to burn off the calories in each beverage
  • The chart also shows a traffic light system to help you choose healthier beverages.  Choose GREEN (water, seltzer, unsweetened tea) beverages instead of RED (soda and other sugary drinks) beverages to help prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and tooth decay