Farm Share

Organic farm-fresh food delivered directly to Einstein!

This summer, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, Elkins Park, and Montgomery will be supporting local family farms with Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op!  Their farmers take deep pride in the quality of produce they grow, and each crop's health and vitality is taken into consideration as they plan and refine their cultivation techniques season after season, year after year.  They strive to provide the best value of organic produce available in every produce share.  They proudly source their produce from their member farmers in Lancaster, PA, as well as occasionally from local partners.

The Summer Farm Share deliveries run from the week of
April 29th through the week of October 28th.  Sign up here!

Shares and Prices:

Summer Organic Produce Share - Every week you'll get a variety of seasonal, local veggies!  Harvested 24-48 hours before it lands in your box, they make sure you get the freshest and the best!

  • Large Produce Share (11-13 items a week) - $32.96 per week, $890/season
  • Medium Produce Share (7-8 items a week) - $24.07 per week, $650/season
  • Small Produce Share (4 items a week) - $16.48 per week, $445/season

Summer Fruit Share - Includes 2-3 items every week.  The fruit share begins delivery during week 7 of the summer season (week of 6/10) and will be delivered every week for a total of 21 deliveries.

  • $210/season

Herbal Medicine Share (CSM - Community Supported Medicine) - The package includes a spectrum of 5-6 handcrafted products made in small batches, ensuring you get the freshest and highest quality products available.  Examples of things you could receive include: digestive bitters, herbal sun screen, bug  spray, herbal first aid, soothing balms, and more.

  • $250/season

Egg Share - You can select either weekly or bi-weekly (every other week).  All of their eggs are gathered from chickens who are fully pastured and fed only Certified Organic, antibiotic-free, non-GMO, and hormone-free supplemental feed.  Their chickens are never debeaked!  Rather, they live walking around looking for bugs to eat.  

  • Weekly delivery - $180. per season
  • Bi-weekly delivery - $98.00 per season

The Chicken Share - Delivered weekly, the chicken share is sure to please with a mix of organic and pastured chicken.  All LFFC chickens are hormone-free, antibiotic-free, GMO-free, and grass and non-GMO grain fed.  You can expect 1-3 weekly items in this share, averaging 3 pounds total, and you'll see cuts such as breasts, legs, thighs, wings, and even whole birds.

  •  $540 per season

The Meat Share - Each week, you can expect butcher block favorites like roasts, ground meat, pork & bison, steaks, bacon, sausage, chops and more!  When it comes to meat, LFFC takes the same care in raising their cows and pigs as they do for their vegetables.  The beef comes from cows that have been grass-fed and grass finished, while their pork comes from heritage breed hogs.  Although you will see a higher percentage of beef and pork products, there will also be lamb, bison, turkey and chicken included as well.  As always, their animals are fully-pastured with absolutely no added hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs!  Approximately 3 pounds, 2-4 frozen items a week.

  • $950 per season

Bi-weekly Cheese Share - Three varieties of cheese delivered on a bi-weekly basis.  They source the cheese for this share from local, artisanal cow, goat, and sheep farmers.  From aged sharp cheddars to creamy, savory chevres - you will be delighted with their cheese, which adds the perfect touch to any family meal, dinner party, or hors d'oeuvre platter.

  • $350 per season

Flower Share - One field bouquet delivered every week!  The flower share begins during week 7 of the summer season (week of 6/10) and will be delivered every week for a total of 19 deliveries.

  • $285 per season

Bi-weekly Herb Share - Begins delivery week 7 of the summer season (week of 6/10) and will be delivered every other week for a total of 10 deliveries.  Two bunches or bags of culinary herbs come with each bi-weekly delivery.  This share features kitchen favorites like cilantro, oregano, basil, mint, and thyme, as well as unique herbs like anise hyssop and lemon verbena!

  • $60 per season

Bread ShareDark, crusty, nutty, grainy, and sweet - bring the delight of freshly baked artisan bread to your home with their ever-popular bread share from alternating suppliers from Green Lion Bakery and Talking Breads.  Baked daily and delivered weekly, these breads are made with the finest organic & vegan ingredients.  Enjoy a slice with olive oil and rosemary or use it to accompany your other CSA ingredients to make delicious sandwiches.  One loaf will be delivered every week!

  •  $203 per season

Gluten Free Bread Share - LFFC is pleased to be offering a GLUTEN-FREE bread share.  They are happy to offer this option through Lancaster's own Amaranth Bakery.  Not only are all of these breads GLUTEN-FREE, they are also super tasty!  Varieties may include caraway seed, cinnamon raisin, pizza crusts, flatbread, sandwich rolls, and more!  All products are made in 100% dedicated gluten free facility.  Amaranth does, however, regularly use EGGS, TREE NUTS, DAIRY, FLAX, & SOY PRODUCTS on shared equipment.  They cannot guarantee against cross-contamination with these particular allergens.

  • $230 per season

Yogurt Share - You will receive one quart (32 oz.) of either Original Plain or Low Fat Plain yogurt each week.  Plain Seven Stars yogurt has a traditional European taste and texture.  The thick cultured cream layer that forms at the top of each container is a beautiful reminder of the hand-crafted care that goes into the production of this yogurt.

  • $115 per season

Find sample farm shares, more information, and to sign-up, visit

Questions?  E-mail or call 717-656-3533 x2.
(You can also order your share by phone!)