Supplemental Free Tutoring Resources

  • Khan Academy - A nonprofit with the mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere
  • COVID nineteen project - Through the summer months there is a free nationwide virtual tutoring program and camp program started by high school teenagers
  • Quarantine Tutors - free online instruction across all subjects and ages
  • Huntington Learning Center - offers nationwide tutoring and test prep services.  Services are now offering in-person and online.
  • Sylvan Learning - offers K-12 personalized tutoring, academic coaching, test prep, advancement, and STEM education.   Online and in-person options available throughout the US.  Visit their website or call their toll-free number at 888-338-2283 for more information.
  • WyZant - a national tutoring company, provides virtual and in-person tutoring at multiple locations throughout the US.