If you would like to schedule a colonoscopy at Einstein, call the Employee Care Appointment Line at 877-331-5333 or the GI Department at 215-456-8210.  Or, call 484-622-2778 for services at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery/Blue Bell.

Direct Access Colonoscopy (DAC)

You may qualify for a Direct Access Colonoscopy (DAC)!  If you answer "no" to the below questions, you are eligible for DAC and should call the DAC scheduling line:

  • Screening age of 50+ (45+ for African Americans)
  • Bypass office visit if you have no history of:
    • GI complaints or history of IBD
    • Stroke
    • Cardiac, renal, or pulmonary co-morbidities
    • Insulin dependent diabetes
    • Anesthesia issues
    • Seizures within the last 6 months
    • Bowel resection or pancreatic surgery
    • Non-English Speaking

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, please refer to GI at 215-456-8210 for further evaluation.

DAC Scheduling Line:
  • 215-456-5832 (Philadelphia Campus and Center One)
  • 610-233-3161 (Montgomery Campus and Blue Bell)
  • Or, complete the online pre-screening form at
Why It's Important to Have a Colonoscopy

Colon cancer is the number 2 cancer killer in the United States, second to lung cancer.  This is one of the most preventable types of cancer and is curable when detected early.  Early detection and intervention can reduce death from colorectal cancer by up to 90 percent.

Colorectal cancer is most common after age 50, but it can strike at younger ages.  It is seen in equal frequency in men and women.  The chance of developing colon cancer increases with age.  Increasing information shows that African Americans often are diagnosed with colorectal cancer at a younger age than whites and may have decreased survival rates, increasing the importance of screening.

For normal risk individuals, most experts recommend that you start screening at age 50.  For those with a family history of colorectal cancer, testing should begin at 40 years of age or 10 years younger than the age of the youngest affected relative, whichever is earlier.  Physician experts from the American College of Gastroenterology recently issued new recommendations to healthcare providers to begin colorectal cancer screening in African Americans at age 45.

Colonoscopy is, overall, the most effective screening method as it allows us to see a patient's entire colon, immediately detect any precancerous polyps and remove them.  It also allows us to diagnose asymptomatic cancer.  By removing any polyps, we can remove the potential for cancer, which makes colonoscopy one of the most powerful prevention tools in clinical precancerous polyps.  No one should die from colon cancer for fear of screening.

Please talk to your healthcare provider to determine when colon cancer screening is appropriate for you.

For Einstein health plan members, there is no copay or any other out-of-pocket cost if you use Einstein providers and service.  It does not get much easier than that to possibly save the life of you or your spouse or partner!