My Care Checklist

My Care Checklist is a central place for you to access and track your preventive care and stay ahead of health situations.  Be sure to complete two preventive care actions listed on My Care Checklist to fulfill your Healthy Steps requirements.  My Care Checklist also provides you personalized reminders to help you stay on top of preventive care and condition-specific actions based on national guidelines and claims data.


Employees and spouse/partners who are on the Einstein health plan as of January 1, 2021.


  • Complete 2 activities from your My Care Checklist
    • My Care Checklist is a personalized experience for each health plan member.  The checklist follows HEDIS and USPSTF guidelines.  The checklist gives you the opportunity to select what activities you would like to complete each program year, giving you choice in choosing activities that are most meaningful to you.
      • For example, one year a woman might complete a PAP and eye exam to complete her two activities, and the next year might complete an annual physical and mammogram.  Or, for example, a man might complete his colonoscopy and annual physical one year, and his dental exam and pneumonia vaccine the next year.  The choice is entirely up to you depending on what activities are in your checklist!


By May 31st, 2022


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