Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
You can begin by registering at or download the app for iPhone and Android devices.  Simply search for RedBrick Health on the App Store or Google Play.  Click here to watch a helpful webinar on how to complete your Healthy Steps.

My spouse is on my Einstein health plan.  How does he/she complete Healthy Steps?
Your spouse should go to or download the RedBrick Health app on his or her phone to register for a RedBrick account.  To register, your spouse will need to enter their own information along with your employee ID number.  Your spouse can also participate in the healthy activities listed and get entered into the RedBrick quarterly drawings.  By the spouse completing Healthy Steps in his/her account, you, the employee, will avoid paying an additional premium of $40 per pay.

What do we get for participating?
All benefit-eligible employees (anyone who works 40 bi-weekly hours or more) and covered spouses/partners can earn entries into prize drawings for completing healthy activities listed at  For employees on the health plan and covered spouses/partners participating in Healthy Steps, employees on the health plan will avoid paying an additional premium of $40 per pay.

Who is eligible to participate in the new LiveWell program and receive rewards?
All benefit-eligible employees as well as their spouses or domestic partners who are enrolled in an Einstein medical plan are eligible to participate.  The Healthy Steps program still only applies to covered employees and spouses/partners on the health plan.

Is there an app?
Yes!  You can do everything from your smart phone.  Search and download the RedBrick Health app for iPhone and Android devices.

Healthy Steps

What is the new deadline?
The deadline moved from November 30, 2018 to May 31, 2019.  Plan members have an extra 6 months to complete the Healthy Steps requirements.

What information do I need to enter?
You will need to manually enter the date of your physical, mammogram, and colonoscopy, as well as the name of the doctor that performed the exam and the office phone number, in order to complete your steps.  Even if a screening isn't applicable for you yet, you still need to follow the instructions on those screens.

How does my biometric information get entered?
Once you complete your bloodwork, IBX will receive an insurance claim.  IBX then sends RedBrick this claim after IBX receives it.  RedBrick then uploads your biometrics directly into your portal.  This is the only way this step can be updated!

Why does it say my Healthy Steps are pending?
Your Healthy Steps won't show as "earned" until all your steps are completed.  For example, if you've entered your information for the physical/mammogram/colonoscopy and they show as "pending," it's because RedBrick has not received the claim yet from IBX for your biometric data.  The biometric step will show as "available" until RedBrick receives the lab work claim.

How has the Healthy Steps program changed?
Some of the major changes include:

  • Covered employees and spouses/partners have until May 31, 2019 instead of November 30, 2018 to complete their Healthy Steps
  • To confirm participation, go to and enter the information requested directly into the portal.  We are no longer using fax forms!
  • Plan members need to let their physicians know the biometrics they need to get.  We aren't using fax forms anymore, which previously listed out the biometrics for physicians to complete.  The biometrics plan members still need to get include: height, weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and HBA1C or glucose
  • While some employees may still be invited to participate in required coaching, other employees have the opportunity to self-select into coaching to take advantage of the new innovative style of coaching
  • RedBrick Health replaced HealthCare Strategies (HCS) as the administrator of the program

How do I confirm my participation in the Healthy Steps program?
To complete participation, you will need to register online at or download the RedBrick Health app.  You will be able to enter information requested in the portal.  We are no longer using fax forms so please do not fax any form with your health information to HCS.

How do I make an appointment to see an Einstein physician for my preventative healthcare requirements?
To make an appointment, call 1-877-331-5333 or click the "Make an Appointment" button on this screen.

What steps do I need to complete by May 31, 2019?
If you and you spouse or partner have been on the health plan before 10/1/2017:

  • Complete the annual physical with biometrics
  • Get a colonoscopy if you are age 50 or older on or before October 1, 2017.  You need to provide proof of having one within the last 10 years
  • Get a mammogram...
    • Every other year if you are age 40-49 on or before October 1, 2017*
      • *Einstein's health plan will continue to cover annual screening mammograms
    • Every year if you are age 50 or older on or before October 1, 2017
  • Participate in health coaching, if selected
    • Complete 3 calls with a RedBrick Health coach (typically 15-20 minutes each)

I looked at my paycheck and noticed an additional $40 contribution to my health insurance.  Why did this happen?
If you noticed an additional $40 contribution in your paycheck, please call RedBrick Health at 833-724-3461 to find out what Healthy Step(s) you're missing and what you can do to stop this additional contribution.

How do I know if my Healthy Steps are completed?
Your portal updates in real time to reflect your completion of Healthy Steps.  If your portal (and your spouse/partner's) looks like the image below, your Healthy Steps are complete:


What are the prizes and how often will the drawings be held?
Each quarter, all employees and covered spouses/partners who complete a healthy activity (list provided in portal), will enter into drawings to win one of many prizes, like a PTO day, $100 healthcare reimbursement, or an Amazon gift card.

Where can I learn more about my rewards and see my progress?
View the steps required to earn your rewards by clicking on Rewards at or in the RedBrick Health app.  Once in the portal, you can also click "See Activities and Check Status" and then "Healthy Activity Drawing" to view activities and raffle entries.

What healthy activities qualify for prize drawing entries?
You can participate in a wide variety of LiveWell and RedBrick programs that will earn you entries into prize drawings throughout the year.  Activities include:

  • Taking the confidential online health assessment
  • Working with a RedBrick health coach
  • Participating in online health programs (RedBrick Journeys®)
  • Tracking your healthy activity
  • Visiting and Einstein provider
  • Enrolling in a tobacco cessation program
  • Syncing a fitness device to your RedBrick account
  • Meeting with a registered dietitian
  • Participating in a Weight Watchers program
  • Using a Fidelity financial wellness resource
  • Getting a dental or vision check-up

What are Journeys?  How can I get started?
RedBrick Journeys are a fun, interactive way to learn about health topics in small steps that inspire new, healthy actions.  Each online Journey includes two to four stages, and a stage is made up of multiple quick steps that help guide you to better health.  To learn more or to stat a Journey, go to (or via the RedBrick Health app) and click on Journeys form the drop down menu in the upper left of the homepage.

How does RedBrick Health help protect the privacy of my health information?
When you participate in RedBrick Health programs, your privacy is a top priority.  No one at Einstein will have access to your individual health information.  Finally, RedBrick Health's systems are designed to provide the highest level of protection possible for your health data. You can be confident that your personal health information is safe, secure, and private, so you can participate in RedBrick Health's programs freely and without worry.  You can read more about RedBrick's privacy policy at

Where can I get more information?

  • Go to
  • Download the RedBrick Health app to your phone on iPhone and Android devices
  • Call RedBrick at 1-833-724-3461
  • Additional questions? E-mail Katie at