Healthy Steps

Healthy Step 1: Health Assessment

  • Take a few minutes to answer some questions about your health and Virgin Pulse will give you personalized recommendations! 

Healthy Step 2: Complete 2 Activities From Your My Care Checklist

  • My Care Checklist is a personalized experience for each member and follows HEDIS and USPSTF guidelines.  Log in to your portal to see what activities are available to you.

Tobacco Attestation: Complete 1 of the 3 Activities Listed

  • Complete the Nicotine-Free Agreement OR
  • Complete 1 Tobacco Cessation Journey OR
  • Complete 3 Tobacco Cessation Coaching Appointments

NEW! Rewards: Earn $25 Pulse Cash!

  • Health plan members can complete activities to earn points and progress through 4 different levels. Complete level 3 and earn $25 Pulse Cash!

Click here to log into the Virgin Pulse portal.

Why Healthy Steps?

The more you know about your health, the better prepared you are to make decisions about how to improve it.  Healthy Steps is a program to help you develop an awareness of your health, give you the tools needed to make healthy changes if necessary, and encourage you to visit your primary care physician and get your preventive healthcare. 

The Healthy Steps services are provided by our wellness vendor, Virgin Pulse, an independent, HIPAA compliant company, which offers a confidential resource to our employees and ensures that individual medical information is not shared with Einstein.

Employees on the health plan will pay an additional premium of $40 per pay if they and/or their spouses/partners (also on the health plan) choose not to participate in Healthy Steps.  Employees on the health plan and their spouses/partners on the health plan who participate in Healthy Steps will avoid this extra charge on their health insurance.  Employees on the health plan and their spouses/partners on the health plan who complete the Tobacco Attestation avoid paying a $25 tobacco surcharge/person/pay on their health insurance.