Home Delivery

Get Your Prescriptions Delivered!

Einstein LiveWell Pharmacy offers home delivery to our plan members for $10 regardless of how many prescriptions you fill at one time.  This home delivery is also available to family members on the health plan to their places of residence.

Click here for the home delivery form!
Instructions for Home Delivery:
  • Step 1:  If you are interested in delivery of your medications, please fax your completed home delivery form (above) to the Pharmacy at 215-456-4662
    • Please fill in all (*) required fields, in order to avoid delays with your service
    • Payment for delivery and copays will be made via payroll deduction, so be sure to include your employee number on the form
    • Please note that no controlled substances or refrigerated items can be delivered
    • Please contact the pharmacy directly if you would like to update your information or discontinue your home delivery service
  • Step 2: Ask your doctor to write your prescription quantity for 30-day or 90-day supply
    • Note: If it is a new prescription, only a 30-day supply will be delivered home.  After the initial 30-day prescription, a 30-day or 90-day supply can be refilled
    • Your physician can fax (215-456-4662), call (215-456-4660), or e-scribe your prescription in to the Einstein LiveWell Pharmacy at 1321 Tabor Road.  Please call in your prescription for a refill or use the iRefill appYour prescription will not be automatically refilled.
When can you expect your delivery?