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HealthReach Coaching

HealthReach provides specialized health coaching and support to eligible individuals enrolled in our health plan. If you or your spouse/ partner is selected to participate in HealthReach, a Nurse Care Manager from HealthCare Strategies may contact you to provide personal assistance and support to help you manage specific medical conditions. Selection for HealthReach is based on HCS’s clinical review of medical and prescription drug claims and biometric screening.


  • Who?
    • Employee and spouse/partner plan members who are invited to participate by HCS


  • What?
    • Participants are asked to meet specific health-related goals to help them better manage their health:
      • Complete Healthy Steps
      • Reduce the gaps in care nationally recommended for their diagnosed condition or illness
      • Complete at least 2 measurable, personal health goals mutually agreed upon between the participant and their personal HCS nurse care manager (e.g., five pound weight loss, drop in HbA1c level, drop in cholesterol level)


  • When?
    • Ongoing


  • How?
    • If asked, you will be contacted by an HCS nurse care manager


  • Please call HealthCare Strategies at 1-800-582-1535 x3401 if you have questions about why you were selected for HealthReach or if you need to get in contact with a Nurse Care Manager.
  • If you are not satisfied with your health coach, you may also call HCS to request a new coach.  
  • An employee will receive a $40 additional premium if the employee or spouse chooses not to participate with HealthReach after being invited