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Health Coaching

Health Coaching provides specialized support to eligible individuals enrolled in our health plan.  You and/or your spouse/partner may be selected to participate with a health coach, based on your biometric screening results or claims data.  You and/or your spouse are then required to complete three calls with a RedBrick health coach.  Calls typically take 15-20 minutes and can easily be scheduled for a time that is most convenient for you.  It's up to you what you would like to focus on during these calls - whether it be stressing less, having more energy, focusing on weight manangement or another goal, RedBrick coaches will help you take small steps to helping you achieve your goals.

  • Who?
    • Employee and spouse/partner plan members who are invited to participate by RedBrick


  • What?
    • Complete 3 calls with a RedBrick Health coach (typically 15-20 minutes each)


  • When?
    • Those who are required to complete coaching will be notified by RedBrick between January 1-18, 2019
    • Coaching calls completed prior to being notified will count toward the requirement


  • How?
    • If asked, you will be contacted by a RedBrick health coach


  • Please call RedBrick Health at 833-724-3461 if you have questions about why you were selected for health coaching or if you need to get in contact with your health coach
  • An employee will receive a $40 additional premium if the employee or spouse chooses not to participate with a health coach after being invited