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Einstein LiveWell Pharmacy


Einstein LiveWell Pharmacy offers convenience and the BEST price around!

Using the Einstein Pharmacy is the cheapest option for members of the Einstein Healthcare Plan!  You could save as much as $252 a year on generic mediations, $360 on brand medications, and $540 on brand non-formulary medications when purchasing 30-day supplies from the pharmacy.  You could pay as little as $24 a year on generic medications when purchasing them in 90-day supplies from the pharmacy!


  • You can now refill prescriptions using the iRefill App!  For instructions on how to download and use the app, click here.
  • Your physician can e-scribe your prescription to the LiveWell Employee Pharmacy or fax your prescription(s) to 215-456-4662
  • You can drop off a prescription to the Pharmacy or a a drop off box in Levy Lobby. Prescriptions are picked up every morning at 7:30 am and your prescription(s) will be ready in 24 hours. If you drop off your prescription to the box after 7:30 am, it should be ready within 24 hours of the next day's pick up time. Note: the Einstein Apothecary is no longer accepting Einstein plan member prescriptions.  
  • If you have an Einstein inpatient hospital stay and want to receive your medications upon leaving the hospital at the lowest cost, it is important to let your physician know that you are an Einstein plan member and you want your prescriptions filled at the Einstein LiveWell Pharmacy.
  • Home delivery options are available! 




Ask Express Scripts about your prescriptions. Call 877-242-1794 or visit

The Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC) helps plan members stay healthier and safer.
Plan members can engage with Express Scripts' on the care and treatment of particular
sets of chronic or complex conditions (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular, pulmonary,
and more) by calling ESI pharmacist at 877-242-1794 to get help.